Hello guys! It's been awhile since I updated my blog, and here we go. I got this graphic card, Sapphire Radeon HD6870 1GB GDDR5 256bit for sale at RM500. Second hand? No. Thing is I got a problem with it 2 months ago and I had to send it to the manufacturer for warranty claim. Took them TWO DAMN MONTHS to replace my graphic card, absurd isn't it? But oh well. Since they are replacing my GC with a NEW one, came straight from factory, it is considered NEW. So you guys might ask...why sell it? My answer : I can't stand the damn wait. Two months are too damn long for me, so I bought a new graphic card for myself, Radeon 7870. So that explain that. This one's for sale then.

I'll provide you everything in the pictures, including receipt of product. The box is still lookin' good too.
Interested please mail me at