In The End

Selamat berpuasa kpd seluruh umat Islam YANG berpuasa, semoga dirahmati dan diberkati oleh Allah s.w.t. Gembira mengerjakan ibadah puasa ya!

Random post, while waiting for sahur I'm writing this. Just a piece of my mind, and what's on it. Perhaps putting it here will ease some of my thoughts, lessen the burden within.
I set my goal, right and firm for grasping what I've left behind. My passion, my desire. Though I keep hearing those about computer studies "urban legend", that of having hard time getting a job after graduate. But hey, as long you're doing something you're good at AND love, doesn't matter how it is right? I suppose you'll do great in it. That's right folks, with passion you can do things much better than anyone else isn't. But well...we humans always make mistake and for that, we were given brain to think and go back to repair what's need to be repaired. In other word, reroute.

Meh...I'm a lazy guy. That's right folks, I am. I ought to find the easiest solution for every problem. But as you can guess, most of the problems ain't come cheap the solutions...gah.

*inhale, exhale*

You won't know how you'll end up later in life. But the silhouette of it can be seen as for now, how you go and progress. Time that passed ain't coming back, because it is indeed a cruel factor in life. Even so, God gave us brain to think, then we reprogram our brain to become better, repair our flaws and awes.

This walls of time, eyes move like the thoughts wander, reminiscing what has left shattered...

The haunting image, left inside the memory box in my brain projecting a vision. I keep seeing, and missing them. There I saw a locked giant door, as if a castle. Somehow I'm drawn to it...getting closer...and closer.

"Closer...", the door calls to me.

I move closer, and until I reached the door. It's locked, I can't find a way to open it. As I'm closer with the door, I had this vivid sensation and feelings. It's like a...warm, and longing feelings.

Then suddenly images of the past plays in my eyes, it's like a theater. The melodies of silent memories, echoes of it can be heard clearly.

Longing, sadness, yearn and wanting, the sadness can be felt deeply. Sometimes I saw those images, I feel empty tears running down my cheek. In a time where I can't do nothing but move forward, leaving everything else behind and memories locked away.

The door left locked, with the key to unlock it has been thrown away, sealing everything inside. Memories of you, sometimes it leaked through the keyhole. Slowly fading, but not disappearing.

A shard of my thoughts. O love, why thee hath to be the sweetest joy and the wildest woe?